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KACLLA, The Healing Dog Hostel


The Hostel is located half way between the Pacific Ocean and “Parque Kennedy”, The Central Park of Miraflores, a few blocks away from both.

Our location is ideal for keeping contact with nature, taking surf lessons and flying in a paraglider over the sea with one of our affiliated schools, or just taking a walk along the seafront. We are in the heart of all that Miraflores has to offer such as restaurants, pubs, shopping centers and handicrafts stores.

How to arrive

From the airport:

We recommend taking a taxi for 60 soles (US$ 18) or use the shuttle bus Airport Express for US$ 8. The ride may take anywhere from 30 to 50 minutes depending on the traffic. Book them with us writing to and you will receive the necessary instructions.

If you are travelling light, want to save some money, and don’t mind a little bit of adventure, you can take a “kombi” (small bus) for 2.50 soles right outside the airport, just look or ask for a white bus that has an “S” sign and tell the collector you are going to get off at the 1st Block of Benavides Avenue. You will be dropped off at Porta Street (our street). Walk towards the sea (right side in regard to the “kombi”) and 2 blocks further, on the left hand side, you will find us.
From the bus station:

We recommend taking a taxi for 15 soles (US$ 5). It is also possible to arrive for 2.50 soles by taking the “Metropolitano” bus but you must have a rechargable transport card that costs 5.00 soles (one can be used by several passengers). Get on board at the junction of Javier Prado Avenue and Via Expresa, heading toward Miraflores. Get off at “Av. 28 de Julio”-stop, and as you leave the station turn right on 28 de Julio Avenue, 8 blocks further you will get Porta Street. Turn left and look for the KACLLA at the left side of the street.

Good luck!!