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A Gateway to the Andean and Amazonian

KACLLA, The Healing Dog Hostel
The Healing Dog Experience

Healthy food, detox diets, holistic therapies and much more...
So that your trip passes not only through the beauty of the country
but also through the beauty of your inner being.

Learn more in the following video:
The Healing Dog Proyect
At KACLLA, The Healing Dog Hostel, we love to take care of you. Every morning we offer you a delicious, healthy and nutritious breakfast. Enjoy our homemade products: Peanut Butter, Peruvian Style Caramel Milky Sweet, and Muesli with Oat, Dried Fruits and Quinoa. All sweetened with Unrefined Cane Extract Syrup. Our Organic Coffee and our Chai Tea, are the perfect complements for a plenty of life day beginning.
Some additional complements to satisfy your hunger: don´t forget to try our Scrambled Eggs with Toasted Andean Cheese or our Cinnamon Apple Chuño Crep. And to take in fast, Detox Juices or Infusions, and Medicinal Herbs Extracts.
At noon you can taste typical Peruvian stews in their tastiest healthy version. And for the evening, savor delicious wok stir-fries customized to your liking. We use the healthiest ingredients but also the tastiest and most representative of Peruvian cuisine.
A space where you can take refuge and connect with yourself, or where you can benefit from our holistic therapies: massages, reiki, ion detoxification, yoga sessions, and much more...
All the utensils you need to prepare what you want and when you want. Due to the spaciousness and the arrangement of the furniture in our kitchen, you won't need to wait for others to finish cooking...or washing, our dishwasher will do it for them.

We also offer:

Free Luggage Storage
Extra Blankets and Courtesy Towels
Security Camera System
Travel Guides
A Hairdryer
Electric Adaptors
A Luggage Scale
A Metropolitano Bus Transport Card